Physical localization of NORs and ITS length variants in old Portuguese durum wheat cultivars.

In the present study, we localized and identified the NORs of 51 old Portuguese durum wheat cultivars by using sequential silver staining and fluorescence in situ hybridization performed with the pTa71 rDNA probe. in Journal of Genetics 90(1):95-101. Leia o trabalho completo aqui.

Intergenic spacer length variants in Old Portuguese bread wheat cultivars.

The intergenic spacer of the ribosomal DNA is highly variable, but is location specific in the nucleolar organizer region of the chromosomes. This study provides an event of high level of polymorphism / size variation and occurrence of 14 unique phenotypes in 48 landraces of Portuguese bread wheat cultivars for IGS-amplified products obtained by PCR-RFLP...

Towards allelic diversity in the storage proteins of old and currently growing tetraploid and hexaploid wheats in Portugal.

Using sodium dodecyl sulphate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS–PAGE), the different alleles encoded at the 6 glutenin loci and 3 ω-gliadin loci were identified from a set of 134 hexaploid and 128 tetraploid wheat accessions mainly grown in Portugal. in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 58 (7): 1051-1073. Leia o trabalho completo aqui.

Genetic variability analysis in Old Portuguese bread wheat cultivars assayed by IRAP and REMAP markers.

Inter‐retrotransposon amplified polymorphisms (IRAPs) and the retrotransposon‐microsatellite amplified polymorphisms (REMAPs) are marker systems based on long terminal repeats (LTRs) RTNs, developed for plants, that have been widely used for evolution, genetic diversity, DNA fingerprinting of cultivars and varieties, genetic mapping linkage and for detection of genetic rearrangements induced by polyploidisation. In the present study, we...

Differential rRNA genes expression in hexaploid wheat related to NOR methylation.

Ribosomal RNA genes expression was analysed in 18 Portuguese bread wheat accessions (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell.), and the number of argyrophilic-nucleolar organiser regions (Ag-NORs) per cultivar was scored. in Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 28:403-412. Leia o trabalho completo aqui.

Low-molecular-weight glutenins in durum wheat: analysis of Glu-A3 alleles using PCR markers.

The aim of the present study was to compare the durum and bread wheat alleles encoded at the Glu‐A3 locus (represented by Glu‐Ad3 and Glu‐Aa3, respectively) using PCR markers designed for bread wheat Glu‐Aa3 alleles to distinguish different durum alleles. in Plant Breeding, 129: 574–577. Leia o trabalho completo aqui.