Al toxicity mechanism in tolerant and sensitive rye genotypes.

Rye (Secale cereale L.) plants have high tolerance to Al, and become unique tools to study Al-toxicity and tolerance mechanisms. To better understand if and how Al-induced root growth inhibition is related with root histological differentiation, nutrient balances and cell cycle dynamics, tolerant (AT6) and sensitive (AS6) rye lines were exposed for 24 h to...

Zonal responses of sensitive vs. Tolerant wheat roots during Al exposure and recovery.

Aluminium (Al) irreversibly inhibits root growth in sensitive, but not in some tolerant genotypes. To better understand tolerance mechanisms, seedlings from tolerant (‘Barbela 7/72’ line) and sensitive (‘Anahuac’) Triticum aestivum L. genotypes were exposed to AlCl3 185 μM for: (a) 24 h followed by 48 h without Al (recovery); (b) 72 h of continuous exposure....

Differential aluminium changes on nutrient accumulation and root differentiation in an Al sensitive vs. tolerant wheat. Environmental and Experimental Botany 68 91–98

Investigation of the uptake of Al and transport to shoots in one wheat line and one cultivar differing in their tolerance to Al: ‘Barbela 7/72’ (Al-tolerant) and ‘Anahuac’ (Al-sensitive). in Environmental and Experimental Botany 68 91–98 Leia o artigo completo aqui.