Effect of in situ gluten-chitosan interlocked self-assembled supramolecular architecture on rheological properties and functionality of reduced celiac-toxicity wheat flour

A new technology for reducing wheat flour toxicity for celiac disease patients through the in situ formation of gluten-chitosan interlocked self-assembled supramolecular architecture was developed. To have a deeper insight into the microstructure of this new molecular organization and its impact on the dough properties, its small and large deformation rheological properties and the macromolecular...

How microwave treatment of gluten affects its toxicity for celiac patients? A study on the effect of microwaves on the structure, conformation, functionality and immunogenicity of glúten.

In order to better understand the effect of the microwave treatment on gluten structure, conformation, functionality and celiac-immunotoxicity, a central composite design with two factors, power level, and treatment time, was used to investigate a possible quadratic and interaction effects between both factors. in Food Chemistry, 297:124986. Leia o trabalho completo aqui.