Genomic reshuffling in advanced lines of hexaploid tritordeum.

Genomic restructuring was detected in newly synthesized tritordeum by molecular and cytogenetic tools. Genomic stability is expected for advanced tritordeum lines (HchHchAABB; 2n = 42) with multiple generations of self-fertilization. This study intends to confirm or decline this hypothesis by characterizing three advanced tritordeum lines and their parental species using cytogenetics, inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR)...

Use of the synthetic Oligo-pTa535 and Oligo-pAs1 probes for identification of Hordeum chilense-origin chromosomes in hexaploid. tritordeum.

In this study, we hybridized, for the first time, the Oligo-pTa535 and Oligo-pAs1 probes on mitotic chromosomes of hexaploid tritordeum using ND-FISH. Tritordeum (HchHchAABB) is the synthetic amphiploid resultant from crosses between wild barley (HchHch) and cultivated durum wheat (AABB). in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 63(6):945-951. Leia o trabalho completo aqui.