Breeding for Al tolerance by unravelling genetic diversity in bread wheat.

In this chapter, we presented the advances made so far on Al tolerance in wheat with special focus on future perspectives, aiming to help for further improvement of Al tolerance in wheat in a sustainable way. in Garcia-Oliveira A.L., Poschenrieder C., Barceló J., Martins-Lopes P Leia o trabalho completo aqui.

Differential Physiological Responses of Portuguese Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes under Aluminium Stress

The major limitation of cereal production in acidic soils is aluminium (Al) phytotoxicity which inhibits root growth. Recent evidence indicates that different genotypes within the same species have evolved different mechanisms to cope with this stress. With these facts in mind, root responses of two highly Al tolerant Portuguese bread wheat genotypes—Barbela 7/72/92 and Viloso...