A synoptic overview of durum wheat production in the Mediterranean region and processing following the European Union requirements.

Cereals are a group of cultivated plants belonging to the grass family that produces grains rich in starch with specific dough properties. These grains are easily harvested, due to the structure and, if under appropriate storage, the mature seeds preserve its qualities and nutritional value for a long time. The gradual shift to a steady-production based agriculture has been the main driving force behind the domestication of wheat, namely durum wheat. The world durum wheat steady-production, which prevails in the Mediterranean region, is mostly used in the production of pasta, yet the quality definition requires the control of fungal phytopathogens, industrial unit operations and additives applications. This paper reviews some aspects of durum wheat production and industrial processing, further considering phytopathogenic infections and the application of food additives.

in Emir. J. Food Agric. 26 (8): 693-705.

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